Cockpit checklist for Confluence releases

Confluence is a collaboration software. Various teams in the software industry use it to convey technical information. In my opinion, it is one of the rare tools that fit the purpose of creating a knowledge base. As opposed to G Suite where the target audience gets a chaotically arranged mass of incomprehensible notes published under the authorship of Unknown User. Or MS Office, where you share high-quality multi-format docs via a tortoise, email, or else. Therefore, the checklist for a Confluence document is different from those of G Suite and MS word. It is also worth mentioning that Confluence documents are modules of interrelated content, which means that they should be treated as such.

To sum up all the statements above, I will provide practical evidence of my previous words in the form of a checklist.

Confluence release checklist:

  1. Content eligibility. The editor must check whether the document does not:
    • Contain any updates to the existing docs (These must be extracted and published in the existing docs.
  2. Terminology.
  3. Template.
  4. Links.